If you feel like you’ve made a few wrong choices, you may wonder if you can respec skills and reset your skill points in Starfield.

If your finger slipped or you had a change of heart, you may be looking frantically for an undo button when allocating your skill points in Starfield.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some disappointing news.

Can You Respec Skills in Starfield?

No, you cannot respect skills or reset your skill points in Starfield to make a different choice, at least without using a Console Command.

Refunding skills is not possible without cheats, most likely to prevent players from putting points into a skill, using it to their advantage, and then resetting it again.

Any skills you select are there to stay, and unfortunately, there’s no undo key to help you immediately remove a mistake.

Persuasion Skill in Starfield

However, it is possible to use a Console Command on PC to remove or add any skills you want. This is considered to be cheating and will disable the ability to earn achievements in Starfield.

If you’re still interested, here’s the full list of Starfield Console Commands and how to use them.

The only other way to assign new skills will be to make a new character and start over from the beginning of the game.

Even finishing the Starfield main story and playing on New Game+ won’t reset your skill trees as they carry over for your new playthrough.

Is There a Level Cap in Starfield?

The good news is no, there is no level cap in Starfield. Therefore, you can keep leveling up until you unlock every skill in the game.

However, given that Starfield has 82 skills to unlock with 3 upgrades apiece, you’ll need to reach Level 328 to unlock everything.

In lieu of being able to respec, here’s how to level up fast and farm XP in Starfield, to help you unlock the skills you’re missing.

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