MWZ or MW3 Zombies is here, allowing you to take on the undead in an open-world map, but can you play it solo?

DMZ is no longer receiving live service, but in its place, Modern Warfare Zombies provides a similar experience—this time with a Zombies twist.

Players can squad up in teams of three to take on the horde, but many will want to experience this mode on their own.

Can You Play MWZ Solo?

The answer to whether you can play MW3 Zombies solo is both yes and no. You can enter a match alone, but other players will always be on the map.

Luckily, unlike DMZ, the rest of the Operators will be friendly and unable to kill you. However, this may still be frustrating for gamers looking to play on the map by themselves.

If you want to deploy independently, you must toggle the Squad Fill option to off. This is found under the “Start” button, and to switch it between fill and no fill, you must press:

  • PlayStation: L2
  • Xbox: LT
  • PC: Click the Squad Fill toggle
MW3 Zombies Solo Squad Fill Toggle

Fans Unhappy With Lack of Solo Option

MW3 Zombies fans are not pleased with the lack of a solo option. Gamers within the community feel that loading into a match on their own in a public lobby is not “solo.”

byu/TheRealPdGaming from discussion

Solo gamers face another significant issue: even if you enter a match alone, the mode is not designed for solo play. MWZ is structured for a squad of three players.

The developers confirmed this, expressing its desire for solo players to “go in and meet other squads.”

“We designed everything as though you are going to be a three-player squad.”

Treyarch developers

If you’re a solo player, brace yourself for a much more challenging experience, as the mechanics cater to trios!

This means that contracts will be a lot tougher to complete. Additionally, taking down a boss zombie and the exfil horde will be more difficult.

Unfortunately, unlike previous renditions of Zombies, MWZ is not available for offline play, so solo players will need an internet connection to hop into Urzikistan.

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