The MW3 (2023) campaign will see players taking on one of COD’s most notorious villains, so it’s no surprise that fans are wondering if they can play it with friends in co-op.

While COD campaigns have typically not allowed for co-op play recently, players are hoping that the latest entry in the franchise will reintroduce the fan-favorite feature.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about whether you can play MW3 (2023)’s campaign co-op with your friends.

Can You Play MW3 (2023) Campaign Co-Op?

No, you cannot play the MW3 (2023) campaign co-op with friends. This applies to both online and local couch co-op.

While previous COD games have allowed fans to experience the entire campaign in co-op mode, MW3 (2023) does not.

This was the same in MW2 (2022) and Modern Warfare (2019), both of which had strictly single-player campaigns that could not be played cooperatively.

It is worth noting that this hasn’t been officially confirmed by developer Sledgehammer Games or Activision. However, it is nevertheless very likely that MW3 (2023) won’t have a co-op campaign mode.

Farah, Soap & Ghost aiming their guns next to a truck in MW2

The last Call of Duty game to have a co-op campaign was Black Ops 3 back in 2015. Every COD game with a campaign since then has lacked the feature.

MW2 (2022) did introduce the Spec Ops mode, which allowed players to take part in large-scale, open-area missions with friends. However, it appears that this mode won’t be returning in MW3 (2023).

It is worth noting that Insider Gaming has leaked that MW3 (2023) will have a Zombie mode instead of the Spec Ops mode. If true, this will be co-op and will allow friends to play together online.

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