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Can You Play MW2 2022 Campaign in Co-Op Mode?

With the MW2 campaign underway, fans are wondering how they can play it in co-op mode, and even if they can. We’re here to let you know.

The MW2 2022 campaign offers players a lengthy and rewarding experience set across numerous action-packed levels filled with excitement.

So it’s no surprise that people want to hop into it with a friend and complete it together. However, there are likely to be a lot of eager fans who will be sorely disappointed.

Is There a Co-Op Campaign in MW2?

No, unfortunately, fans hoping to play the MW2 campaign co-operatively with a friend will be unable to. The MW2 campaign is entirely single-player only.

Captain Price and Kyle Garrick from MW2 fist bumping in a helicopter

It is unlikely that a co-op campaign will be added to MW2 2022. There hasn’t been one in a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 3.

It is a shame too as MW2’s campaign is packed full of fantastic missions and comes in at a decent length too for those wanting a more fulfilling CoD experience.

What Game Modes Can Be Played Co-Op in MW2?

There are two main game modes that can be played with a friend: Spec Ops and Multiplayer. Spec Ops can only be played online, but Multiplayer can be played both online and split-screen.

Spec Ops is about as close as you’ll get to playing the MW2 campaign co-operatively, as it features “missions” against AI that you can complete alongside friends.

MW2 Campaign

Multiplayer, on the other hand, offers you traditional Call of Duty gameplay against either real people or Bots.

It is definitely worth trying out the Multiplayer mode with a friend if you’re looking for some cooperative MW2 action. After all, its impressive Beta set some astounding records during the few weeks it was active.

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