Spider-Man 2 looks to continue the story of both Miles Morales and Peter Parker in this sequel to the successful 2018 web-slinging adventure.

Since we’ve already spent some time with Peter and Miles in their respective games, it would make sense that we’d get to play as both for this upcoming title.

So is it possible to play both Miles Morales and peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Here’s what we know:

Are Both Miles & Peter Playable in Spider-Man 2?

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Spider-Man 2 will feature two playable superheroes with Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Players will have the opportunity to see both versions of Spider-Man working closely together and view both perspectives.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Spider-Man 2 will contain cooperative play or multiplayer.

Throughout the story of Spider-Man 2, there are moments when players will switch between both heroes nearly instantly.

This means that one moment you’ll fight as Peter Parker and the next, you’ll be in control of Miles Morales.

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In the gameplay trailer, players start off as Peter Parker wearing the Symbiote Suit. Following an action sequence, the game then transitions and places you in control of Miles Morales.

Both Spider-Men have various abilities that differ the fighting styles greatly. Now that we know Symbiote Spider-Man is playable, this means we will have access to three different playstyles.

Symbiote Spider-Man uses the unique alien substance to manifest his suit and different properties that allow him to engage enemies.

Peter Parker uses his spidey-gadget, web-slinging abilities, strength, and hand-to-hand combat abilities to get an edge over his enemies.

Miles Morales has more innate abilities at his disposal due to his camouflage and bioelectric attacks. Players will need the help of all three versions of Spider-Man since they’ll be facing some of the web-slinger’s most iconic villains.