Many players will likely want to experience Diablo 4 as a solo player, soaking up its haunting world and blood-soaked narrative alone.

If you’re wondering whether Diablo 4 can be experienced solo, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all the answers.

Can Diablo 4 Be Played Solo?

The majority of Diablo 4 can be played completely solo. Players can experience the campaign entirely on their own, as well as most dungeons.

However, as the game world is constantly shared with other players, you may encounter them occasionally. Additionally, there are world events that all players can join together.

This has been confirmed by Diablo 4’s lead UI designer, Angela Del Priore, during BlizzCon 2019’s Diablo 4 Systems and Features Q&A. She said:

“You can choose to play the entire game solo from campaign, all the way to endgame and that would be just as viable and successful of a way to approach the game as someone who might choose to group up for the large majority of it.”

Of course, unfortunately for some, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can play Diablo 4 offline.

Sorcerer with flame snakes around her in Diablo 4

All dungeons in the open world are instanced and private whenever you visit or revisit them. This means they are completely separate from all other players, and only you will exist within them.

This also extends to campaign areas, including entire regions and towns, the first time you visit them for the story. Once you’ve completed the mission involving them, they will switch to being a shared space.

Furthermore, Diablo 4 won’t punish players for enjoying the game solo. In fact, according to Del Priore, all of the best items and content are available to every player, regardless of whether they’re playing alone or not.

How to Play Diablo 4 Solo

You will automatically be playing Diablo 4 solo when you start the game. You don’t have to do anything to play the game alone.

The only way to not play alone would be to form a team and play in either online or couch co-op, or engage with the open world events.

A solo player in Diablo 4
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