While Link will undoubtedly take center stage in Tears of the Kingdom, many fans wonder if the titular princess, Zelda, will be a playable character.

After all, Zelda has remained locked up and in the shadows for too long. Some fans believe it’s about time she gets to have her time in the spotlight and kick some Moblin backside.

Is Zelda a Playable Character in Tears of the Kingdom?

No, Zelda is not a playable character in Tears of the Kingdom. You will exclusively play as Link throughout your journey.

However, Zelda does make appearances throughout the game in cutscenes and key story moments, as she is once again a central part of the narrative.

Unfortunately, this means that despite the game’s significantly longer length and overall scale, Zelda remains a side character, albeit an incredibly important one.

Fans hoping to play as the legendary princess herself and take to the skies on rocket-powered Zonai devices will surely be disappointed.

It is worth noting that some fans believe Zelda could be added as a playable character in story DLC. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to confirm whether Tears of the Kingdom will receive DLC.

Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom

How Could Zelda Be Added to Tears of the Kingdom DLC?

It’s likely that if Zelda was added to Tears of the Kingdom via DLC, it would be on a much smaller scale, potentially in her own side story separate from the events of the main game.

While possible, it’s unlikely Zelda would get to explore the open world. Instead, she may be relegated to a separate space where the unique mechanics specific to Link would not be required.

For example, it is unclear if Zelda would get access to the expansive new Fuse mechanic. However, it is possible that Zelda would have some form of Link’s powers, especially from BOTW.

This is because her character art for TOTK shows her using a Sheikah Slate-esque device similar to the one that grants Link his powers in BOTW.

Official artwork of Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom on the left and Link from BOTW on the right
Zelda’s official Tears of the Kingdom artwork on the left, and Link from BOTW on the right.

Regardless of how she is implemented, it is evident that many fans would like the beloved princess to be playable in Tears of the Kingdom in some form.

After all, players have gotten to experience her majesty in titles such as Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

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