Wooper is one of the cutest Pokemon in the whole series and has an especially adorable shiny version, which is pink – but can it be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Wooper in Pokemon GO, but it is very rare.

Any Wooper you encounter in Pokemon GO, whether that is in the wild, from Raids, or as a Research reward, can be shiny. However, the odds of Wooper being shiny are very low.

If you are after a shiny Wooper, you’ll likely need to catch hundreds of this Pokemon. Fortunately, you’ll be able to do this during the November 2023 Pokemon GO Wooper and Paldean Wooper Community Day, as it’ll be spawning much more frequently then!

Wooper Shiny Odds

The odds of Wooper being shiny in Pokemon GO are roughly 0.2%, or 1 in 500. This is the base shiny odds for all Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase shiny odds in the game, which means that you will likely only find 1 shiny Wooper for every 500 you encounter.

Catch Shiny Wooper in Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Wooper?

The shiny version of Wooper is a light pink color instead of the standard version’s light blue. Also, the shiny version has light pink branches on the side of its head, as opposed to the standard version’s purple branches.

This drastic color swamp makes shiny Wooper very easy to spot, and also makes it a great shiny for any Pokemon trainer’s collection!

Normal and Shiny Wooper Pokemon GO
Wooper (left) and shiny Wooper (right)

How to Get Shiny Quagsire

To get the shiny version of Quagsire in Pokemon GO, you must first catch a shiny Wooper. Then, you can use 50 Wooper Candy to evolve your shiny Wooper into shiny Quagsire.

The shiny version of Quagsire is a dark pink or light purple color.

Normal and Shiny Quagsire Pokemon GO
Quagsire (left) and shiny Quagsire (right)
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