The Poison/Ground-type version of Wooper from the Paldea region has finally come to Pokemon GO, but can Paldean Wooper be shiny?

Yes, Paldean Wooper can be shiny in Pokemon GO, as the shiny version was added as soon as it came to the game on November 5, 2023.

No matter how you encounter Paldean Wooper, whether that is as a wild spawn, by beating it in a Raid, or through Reserach, it has a very low chance of being shiny.

As you’ll likely have to encounter Paldean Wooper hundreds of times before you find the shiny version, this could take a very long time. Fortunately, Paldean Wooper is spawning much more frequently during the November 2023 Wooper and Paldean Wooper Community Day event.

Paldean Wooper Shiny Odds

The shiny odds for Paldean Wooper in Pokemon GO have not been confirmed yet, as it has only just come to the game. Despite this, we believe that they will be 1 in 500, or 0.2%.

This is because it is the standard shiny odds of most Pokemon in Pokemon GO and, also, it is the shiny odds for the standard version of Wooper.

Paldean Wooper in Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Paldean Wooper?

The shiny version of Paldean Wooper is a lavender color and has light brown bones on the sides of its head.

This is a stark difference from the standard Paldean Wooper, which is dark brown with white bones on its head.

Normal and Shiny Paldean Wooper Pokemon GO
Paldean Wooper (left) and shiny Paldean Wooper (right)

How to Get Shiny Clodsire

To get shiny Clodsire in Pokemon GO, you first need to catch a shiny Paldean Wooper. Then, you can use 50 Wooper Candy to evolve your shiny Paldean Wooper into shiny Clodsire.

Shiny Clodsire shares the same color palette as shiny Paldean Wooper. The bottom half of it is lavender, and the top half is dark purple, making it stand out from the standard Clodsire, which is brown.

Normal and Shiny Clodsire Pokemon GO
Clodsire (left) and shiny Clodsire (right)
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