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Can You Get a Tactical Nuke in MW2 2022?

The Tactical Nuke is an iconic feature of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty titles. But is the Nuke killstreak returning with MW2?

Getting 30 kills without dying is a difficult accomplishment, and getting rewarded with a game-ending missile just adds to the enjoyment of achieving this feat.

The killstreak is typically a hidden match-ending reward that is not visible in the in-game menus. It originally debuted in Infinity Ward’s original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

Since then, there has been some form of “Nuke” in every Infinity Ward Call of Duty product but has it returned in the newest COD release?

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Is There a Nuke Killstreak in MW2 Beta?

Unfortunately for MW2 players it appears there is no Tactical Nuke killstreak currently in the game.

Booya, a member of the Nuke Squad and FaZe clan completed the challenging task of killing 30 people without dying. The Call of Duty creator simply received a “Juggernaut” medal rather than the game-ending killstreak.

The decision to exclude the Tactical Nuke has not been well accepted by the community with many content creators publicly expressing their opinions on the matter.

JSmooth has pleaded with Infinity Ward to include it within the game.

While Swagg is disappointed that the game is currently without the hidden killstreak.

Is the Nuke Coming to MW2?

According to leaks, there is a Nuke coming to Modern Warfare 2 by launch day.

The Nuke is quite likely to be introduced to the game, although nothing has been confirmed by the game’s developer. Leaker RalphsValve, who has a decent but not flawless track record, claims that the Nuke may even drop in a future Beta update.

When Infinity Ward discloses further information, we will update this article.

In the meantime, you can learn about all the current kill and score streaks in Modern Warfare 2.

You can also find the best controller settings in MW2 to give yourself the best chance of earning a Tactical Nuke if ever does arrive.

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