The Tactical Nuke is an iconic feature of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty titles. But is the Nuke killstreak returning with MW2?

Getting 30 kills without dying is a difficult accomplishment, and getting rewarded with a game-ending missile just adds to the enjoyment of achieving this feat.

The killstreak is typically a hidden match-ending reward that is not visible in the in-game menus. It originally debuted in Infinity Ward’s original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

Since then, there has been some form of “Nuke” in every Infinity Ward Call of Duty product but has it returned in the newest COD release?

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Is There a Nuke Killstreak in MW2?

Yes, there is a secret nuke killstreak returning in Modern Warfare 2 2022. This time around, the game-ending streak is called the MGB and players can get their hands on it by killing 30 players without dying, regardless of what killstreaks or scorestreaks they have equipped.

A Tactical Nuke is the ultimate killstreak in Call of Duty games, reserved for the true pros. To get their hands on one, players need to dominate a lobby, amassing a truly unrivaled killstreak.

Once done, the MGB will appear as one of your currently-available streaks. Using it will begin a dramatic countdown before a series of bombs rain down from the sky and kill all players.

The world’s first MW2 Nuke (AKA MGB) can be seen in the video below, thanks to Iyashiobana on Twitter.

What Does MGB Stand for in Modern Warfare 2?

According to the tablet that your player pulls out when dropping the ‘nuke’ killstreak, MGB stands for Mass Guided Bombs.

Because of that, when the streak drops, you can see a series of incoming missiles before one strikes your location, killing you instantly. It’s not quite the nuke we were hoping for, but it’s still a game-ending streak that shows off your skills to all.

How to Get the MGB ‘Tactical Nuke’ in MW2

To get access to the new MGB ‘nuke’ streak in MW2, players must amass 30 kills in a single life in online multiplayer.

They will then get the option to call in an MGB and end the game for all players, with a victory for their team.

You can learn more about all the kill and score streaks in Modern Warfare 2 here.

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