Pokemon Scarlet & Violet finally has a Charizard available to catch, but can it be shiny?

Being a shiny-hunter is easier than ever in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. But even with Pokemon spawning in the overworld, there are still a few tricks that every trainer needs to have up their sleeves.

Now, with Charizard appearing in Gen 9 for the first time, fans are racing to get their hands on a shiny version of the iconic Fire/Flying type.

Check out when Charizard will be leaving Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here – as well as when the Pokemon will be back for another run!

Charizard Tera Raid

Can Charizard Be Shiny in 7 Star Tera Raid Battle?

Yes, the Charizard you battle in the 7-star Tera Raid Battle can be shiny, however the odds will be the same 1/4096 shiny rate that you’d expect from a Pokemon in the wild.

What’s more, since you can only catch a single Charizard from the event, there’s no way to easily farm the Pokemon.

Here’s a guide to beating Charizard in Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles!

How to Get a Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Since the odds of catching a shiny Charizard is 1/4096, the easiest way to get one is through breeding. Simply have a Picnic with Charizard and either a member of the same egg type or a Ditto to receive an egg.

This will let you hatch a baby Charmander which could be shiny!

Not only does this give you another chance at a shiny Charizard, but you can also use the Masuda method to massively increase your odds of hatching a shiny.

getting a Pokemon egg from the picnic basket in Violet and Scarlet

Check out all the methods you can use to shiny hunt other Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet below:

With all three methods under your belt, you’ll become a master shiny-hunter in no time! Unfortunately, only breeding Charmanders endlessly will give the chance to nab a shiny Charizard.

What Does Shiny Charizard Look Like in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Shiny Charizard changes the Pokemon’s traditional orange tone for a deep black, with red/pink undertones on its wings instead of a deep blue. It’s one of the more iconic shiny Pokemon variants, and we’re glad to see that it’s possible to acquire in Scarlet & Violet at last.

Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Credit: Shadowsmirk via Twitter

Interestingly, shiny Charizard has always flirted between black and purple as its main color scheme. When it was introduced back in Gen 2, shiny Charizard was purple, later being replaced with a black palette which would have been hard to see on the original Game Boy.

Despite Scarlet & Violet being the first Pokemon generation to feature a shade of purple in its title, it seems that Charizard won’t be returning to purple anytime soon.

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