Tadbulb is the latest addition to Pokemon GO, but can you get the shiny version of it?

Unfortunately, you cannot catch the shiny version of Tadbulb in Pokemon GO yet.

As Tadbulb has only just arrived in the game, during the 2023 Festival of Lights event, the shiny has not yet been added. This is because Pokemon GO developer Niantic usually waits around a year to add the shiny versions of new Pokemon to the game.

Shiny Tadbulb Release Date

Niantic has not yet announced the release date for shiny Tadbulb in Pokemon GO. However, we can estimate when it will come to the game.

Based on the release schedule for shiny Morelull, we expect shiny Tadbulb to debut during the 2024 Festival of Lights event.

This is because Morelull was a brand-new Pokemon for the 2022 Festival of Lights, and got its shiny version in the 2023 Festival of Lights.

Even if shiny Tadbulb is not available, you won’t want to miss out on adding this new Pokemon to your Pokedex. Here’s every way to catch Tadbulb in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO 2023 Festival of Lights

What Color is Shiny Tadbulb?

The shiny version of Tadbulb looks almost identical to the standard version. The only difference is that it has a red mouth and red sections on its tail instead of orange.

Beyond this one color change, both versions of Tadbulb are identical! With it being so similar, it makes the lack of shiny Tadbulb in Pokemon GO much less disappointing.

Normal and Shiny Tadbulb in Pokemon GO
Tadbulb (left) and shiny Tadbulb (right)
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