Yes, there is a shiny version of Slakoth in Pokemon GO, and lucky players may encounter one in the wild.

There is a small chance of any Slakoth you encounter being the shiny version. This could be from a wild spawn, a Research reward or after winning a Slakoth Raid.

Find out the exact chances of catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This will help you work out how long it’ll take you to encounter the shinies you’re after!

Or, if it is a shiny Slakoth you’re after, then there’s a perfect in-game event to get one. The Pokemon GO Slakoth Spotlight Hour is by far the best time to catch one, thanks to the sheer number of Slakoth you’ll find in the wild!

Catch Shiny Slakoth Pokemon GO

What Color Is Shiny Slakoth in Pokemon GO?

Instead of brown, the shiny version of Slakoth is a bright pink. The circles around its eyes and stripes on its back stay the same color, but the nose and eyelids are on the shiny version are also a brighter pink.

This drastic new color palette makes shiny Slakoth look very different to the standard version of this Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the shinies of its evolutions, Vigoroth and Slaking, are much close to the standard versions. Shiny Vigoroth is cream and orange instead of white and red, while Slaking’s shiny version has beige fur around its head and neck, as well as an orange nose.

Shiny Slakoth Family Pokemon GO
The Slakoth family in Pokemon GO (shiny versions below)

How to Get Shiny Vigoroth & Slaking in Pokemon GO

To get shiny Vigoroth and Slaking, you must evolve a shiny version of Slakoth into one.

You can use 25 Slakoth Candy to evolve a shiny Slakoth into shiny Vigoroth. Then, you’ll need a further 100 Slakoth Candy to evolve a shiny Vigoroth into shiny Slaking!

If you need more Candy to get these shinies, here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO!

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