Shellder is a classic Water-type Pokemon that almost every Pokemon GO player knows for its clam-like appearance, wide eyes, and sticking out tongue, however, there’s a shiny version of this Pokemon you may have not seen before.

If you’re very lucky, you can catch a shiny version of Shellder in Pokemon GO.

Any Shellder you encounter has a very low chance of being shiny. Shellder’s shiny odds are roughly 0.2%, meaning 1 in every 500 Shellder you encounter in the game will be the orange shiny version!

If you want to add a shiny Shellder to your collection, the best time to catch one is during the Shellder Spotlight Hour!

Catch Shiny Shellder Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Shellder Look Like in Pokemon GO?

The shiny version of Shellder is a striking bright orange color instead of the standard version’s purple. Both versions still have the big bright pink tongue and large white eyes, though!

Meanwhile, the shiny version of its evolution, Cloyster, is blue instead of purple. This isn’t quite as different as Shellder’s, but it is certainly different enough to be another sought-after shiny.

Normal and Shiny Shellder and Cloyster in Pokemon GO

How to get Shiny Cloyster in Pokemon GO

The only way to get a shiny Cloyster in Pokemon GO is by evolving a shiny Shellder. This evolution requires 50 Shellder Candy.

You cannot encounter a shiny Cloyster in the wild or as a reward from Research or Raid battles.

Find out the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO if you want to evolve your shiny Shellder!

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