Yes, you can catch shiny Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. This is despite no other shiny versions of Shadow Legendary Pokemon currently being available.

While the shiny odds for Shadow Mewtwo have not been confirmed, we expect it to be 5%, or 1 in 20. This is because it is the standard shiny rate for Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Of course, to catch a shiny Shadow Mewtwo, you will first need to defeat it in a Shadow Raid. This is much easier said than done, especially considering that Shadow Mewtwo Raids are only taking place on May 28, 2023.

If you want to defeat Shadow Mewtwo in a Raid, you’ll want to weaken it using Purified Gems. Here’s how to get Purified Gems in Pokemon GO, so you can win this challenging battle!

Catch Shiny Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Shadow Mewtwo?

The shiny version of Shadow Mewtwo has a bright green stomach and tail instead of pink. Other than that, it is exactly the same as the standard version.

Of course, the shiny Shadow version is the same as the standard shiny Mewtwo. However, it has the purple flame effect and red eyes that all Shadow Pokemon possess.

Normal and Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon GO
Mewtwo (left) and shiny Mewtwo (right)

Now that shiny Shadow Mewtwo has come to Pokemon GO, this opens the door for other shiny Shadow Legendary Pokemon to arrive in the game soon.

Check out our list of every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO to see which ones already have shiny versions and could be next to get the shiny Shadow treatment!

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