No, you cannot catch shiny Rowlet in Pokemon GO. This is because it has not been released in the game yet.

As Rowlet only arrived in Pokemon GO last Spring, players will still have to wait a while longer before the shiny version of this Pokemon is available to catch.

However, if you want to catch a normal Rowlet and farm some Candy, the Pokemon GO Rowlet Spotlight Hour is the best time to do it!

Also, there are dozens more shiny Pokemon to catch in the game. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to discover the exact odds of encountering shinies!

When Will Shiny Rowlet Come to Pokemon GO?

Niantic has not revealed when shiny Rowlet will release in Pokemon GO yet.

Despite this, we expect that this long-awaited shiny version could arrive in Pokemon GO in Summer 2023. This is because it will have been over a year since Rowlet made its debut in the game by then.

Even if you can’t catch the shiny versions of the Alola starters in Pokemon GO yet, you can get the shiny versions of a couple of the Legendaries from the region:

Rowlet and Shiny Rowlet Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Rowlet Look Like?

Instead of the standard version’s light brown, shiny Rowlet’s body is a mint green color. Additionally, its beak and feet are red instead of orange, and the leaves on its chest are dark turquoise instead of green.

However, the shiny Rowlet’s stomach and face remain white, like the standard Rowlet.

Shiny Rowlet Dartrix Decidueye Pokemon GO

Can You Get Shiny Dartrix and Decidueye in Pokemon GO?

No, you cannot get shiny Dartrix or shiny Decideye in Pokemon GO. This is because shiny Rowlet is not in the game yet, either.

Once Niantic adds shiny Rowlet to Pokemon GO, then you will be able to evolve it into a shiny Dartrix and then a shiny Decidueye.

So you’re ready to evolve your shiny Rowlet once it comes to the game, find out the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO.

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