No, you can’t catch a shiny Regidrago in Pokemon GO yet, as this Legendary has only just been added to the game.

Regidrago arrived in Pokemon GO as an Elite Raid boss on March 11, 2023 and as a standard 5-Star Raid boss on August 25, 2023. Despite this, the shiny version is still not available to catch.

Even if the shiny isn’t in the game yet, you’ll still want to add Regidrago to your Pokedex. So you don’t waste any Raid Passes, find out the best Regidrago counters in Pokemon GO so you can defeat it on your first try!

Shiny Regidrago Pokemon Sword and Shield
Shiny Regidrago in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Is There a Shiny Regidrago Release Date for Pokemon GO?

No, Pokemon GO developer Niantic has not announced the release date for shiny Regidrago just yet.

Despite this, we expect this shiny variant to come to the game at some point in the Summer of 2024.

Niantic usually adds the shiny versions of new Legendary Pokemon around a year after they initially come to the game. Therefore, a Summer 2024 release seems most likely.

What Color is Shiny Regidrago?

Shiny Regidrago is very similar to the standard version. However, the shiny version has grey-blue wings and feet instead of black.

That is the only difference between the shiny and normal Regidrago. The body and eyes remain the exact same color on both versions.

Normal and Shiny Regidrago Pokemon GO pokedex
Normal Regidrago (left) and shiny Regidrago (right)

While you can’t catch shiny Regidrago in Pokemon GO just yet, this is what it will look like when it is eventually added to the game. Hopefully, for shiny hunters, that will be sooner rather than later!

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