Yes, you can catch a shiny version of Regice in Pokemon GO, but it is extremely rare. The only way to catch a shiny Regice in Pokemon GO is to encounter one in a very rare occurrence after winning a Regice Raid.

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chance of catching shiny Regice after beating it in a Legendary Raid!

Also, if you are hunting for a shiny Regice, you’ll need to beat Regiuce Raids plenty of times. Here’s how to beat Regice Raids in Pokemon GO so you can easily defeat this Legendary Pokemon!

If you don’t fancy beating it in a 5-Star Raid, it is also possible to receive this Pokemon through a trade. However, you’ll need to know someone who is willing to trade you a shiny Regice as well as how to make special trades in Pokemon GO.

Catch Shiny Regice Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Regice?

Shiny Regice is a brighter blue than the icy blue of the standard Regice. This is the only difference between the two versions.

Even the dots on its face are the same shade of yellow on both the shiny and standard versions.

This makes it quite difficult to differentiate at first. However, any shiny Legendary is a great Pokemon to catch, thanks to its extreme rarity!

If you’re after a shiny Regice, there’s no better time to catch one than the Pokemon GO Regice Raid Hour!

Pokemon GO Normal and Shiny Regice
Normal Regice (Left) and shiny Regice (right)

Regice is just one of the dozens of Legendaries in Pokemon GO. Check out the list of every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO to see which ones you still need to catch!

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