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Can You Catch Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can encounter and catch the shiny version of Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, although, like all other shiny Pokemon, it is very rare.

After beating a Rayquaza Raid, there is a low chance of the Rayquaza you encounter after being a shiny version of this Legendary Pokemon.

Encountering shiny Legendary Pokemon might be more common than you think. Find out the exact chances of finding shiny Legendaries in Pokemon GO in our shiny odds guide!

Also, to ensure you find a shiny version of Rayquaza, you’ll want to battle it multiple times. Check out our Pokemon GO Rayquaza Raid guide, so you win every time you battle it!

Of course, it is also possible to get a shiny Rayquaza from a trade with another player. However, to do this, you will need to find another player who is willing to trade you one and also find out how to make special trades in Pokemon GO.

Catch Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO?

The shiny version of Rayquaza is a charcoal-black color instead of green, but the details remain the same color as the normal version. The shiny version still has yellow markings and pink edges on its fins.

This striking color scheme makes shiny Rayquaza one of the most sought-after shinies in all of Pokemon GO!

There aren’t many black Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but the shiny versions of a few other Legendary Pokemon share this rare color palette. This includes the shiny Tapu Lele and shiny Tapu Koko!

Normal and shiny Rayquaza Pokemon GO

If you encounter a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to make sure you catch it. Use Berries in Pokemon GO to increase your chance of catching Pokemon!

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