No, you cannot catch the shiny version of Litten in Pokemon GO as this Pokemon only arrived in Pokemon GO this time last year.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic almost always waits over a year to release the shiny versions of new Pokemon in the game.

So you’re prepared for when shiny Litten comes to the game, make sure to take part in the Pokemon GO Litten Spotlight Hour and farm some Candy!

Also, even if you can’t get a shiny Litten, there are hundreds of other shiny ‘ Mon to catch. Find out the exact odds of catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO before you go shiny hunting!

When Will Shiny Litten Come to Pokemon GO?

There is no confirmed release date for shiny Litten in Pokemon GO yet.

Despite this, it is likely that shiny Litten, along with the other shiny Gen 6 starter Pokemon, will arrive in the game in Summer 2023. This is because, at that point, it will have been over a year since they made their GO debuts.

Although the shiny Gen 7 starters aren’t available yet, you can catch shiny Legendaries from the Alola region:

Normal and Shiny Litten Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Litten Look Like?

Instead of a black body, the shiny version of Litten has a white body. However, both versions of the Pokemon keep the red stripes and face as well as the bright yellow eyes.

The difference in body color is the only difference between the two versions of Litten, but it is quite a drastic change.

While this is a fun color swap, this shiny isn’t quite as cool as the shiny version of Rowlet!

Shiny Litten Torracat and Incineroar Pokemon GO

Can You Get Shiny Torracat and Incineroar in Pokemon GO?

No, it is not possible to get shiny Torracat or shiny Incineroar in Pokemon GO at the moment. As you cannot catch shiny Litten, you can’t get the shiny versions of its evolutions.

Once shiny Litten is available, you’ll be able to evolve it into shiny Torracat and shiny Incineroar.

Find out the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO. That way, you can earn enough Candy to instantly evolve a shint Litten once it arrives in the game.

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