Yes, you can catch a shiny version of Larvitar in Pokemon GO, but this is a very rare occurrence.

Any Larvitar encounter in Pokemon GO could be with a shiny version, whether it is a wild Pokemon spawn, an encounter after a Raid, or as a research reward.

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chances of encountering a shiny Larvitar!

Also, if you’re after a shiny Larvitar, there is no better time to catch one than the upcoming Larvitar Community Day Classic!

What Color Is Shiny Larvitar?

Shiny Larvitar has much brighter colors than the standard version of the Pokemon.

It is a very bright shade of green and has a vibrant purple stomach. This makes it look very different to the standard version of Larvitar which is light green with a reddish brown stomach.

Although, you’ll probably want to evolve it into a shiny version of Pupitar and then Tyranitar.

Here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can speed up this process and get a shiny Tyranitar as soon as possible!

Pokemon GO Normal and Shiny Larvitar
Normal Larvitar (left) and shiny Larvitar (right)

How to Get Shiny Pupitar and Tyranitar in Pokemon GO?

The only way to get a shiny version of Pupitar and Tyranitar in Pokemon GO is by evolving it from a shiny Larvitar. The shiny versions of Pupitar and Tyranitar cannot be caught in the wild or after Raid battles.

Therefore, you will need 25 Larvitar Candy to evolve a shiny Larvitar into a shiny Pupitar and a further 100 Larvitar Candy to evolve a shiny Pupitar into a shiny Tyranitar.

Tyranitar is one of the best Dark-type Pokemon as well as one of the strongest Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Not only will evolving a shiny Larvitar give you a rare shiny, but an extremely powerful one too!

Shiny Larvitar Pupitar and Tyranitar Pokemon GO
Shiny Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar

While Tyranitar is a very rare shiny Pokemon, there is one rare shiny that even the most dedicated Pokemon GO players struggle to find. Here’s how to catch shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO!

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