Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO, but you will need to be very lucky to find one!

After winning a Ho-Oh Raid in Pokemon GO, there is a low chance that the Ho-Oh you encounter is the shiny version of the Legendary Pokemon.

Luckily, the exact odds of catching Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO are higher than standard Pokemon. This means that, on average, roughly 1 out of every 20 Legendary Pokemon you encounter will be shiny.

What’s more, if you are after a shiny Ho-Oh, there is a perfect time to catch one. The Pokemon GO Ho-Oh Raid Hour will greatly increase the number of Ho-Oh Raids taking place, so shiny hunters should clear their schedules during this event!

Catch Ho-Oh Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Ho-Oh Look Like?

The shiny version of Ho-Oh has golden wings as well as gray tail feathers, beak, and crest. This makes it appear very different from the red and orange standard version of Ho-Oh.

Even the smaller details, like the ends of its wings and tail feathers, have a different accent color.

No wonder many players think that shiny Ho-Oh is one of the best shinies in the game. However, we think that the shiny version of Rayquaza is even cooler than the shiny Ho-Oh!

Normal and Shiny Ho-Oh Pokemon GO

Can You Catch Shiny Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO?

While it has been possible to get a Shadow Ho-Oh by beating the Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni in the past, it is not possible for Shadow Ho-Oh to be shiny.

In fact, no Shadow Legendary Pokemon can be shiny in Pokemon GO.

Although, if you want some Shadow Legendaries, a new one has recently come to the game. Here’s how to get Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO!

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