Yes, you can catch the shiny versions of Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop in Pokemon GO, but you’ll need to be very lucky.

Any Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop you encounter in Pokemon GO has a very small chance of being shiny, no matter how you encounter it.

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chance of encountering shiny Pokemon!

Also, if you’re after the shiny versions of these Pokemon, the best time to get them is during the Pokemon GO Catch Mastery event. This is because every Pokemon in the Hitmonchan family will have boosted shiny odds!

What Does Shiny Hitmonlee Look Like?

The shiny version of Hitmonlee is a bright green color instead of the standard brown. Other than that, it remains the same.

This is a fairly simple change, and many other shiny Pokemon are also bright green, like the Legendary shiny Groudon!

Normal and Shiny Hitmonlee Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Hitmonchan Look Like?

The shiny version of Hitmonchan is bright green, instead of the light brown color of the normal one.

Another difference is that the shiny version of Hitmonchan has blue boxing gloves. This is instead of the red boxing gloves of the standard version.

Normal and Shiny Hitmonchan Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Hitmontop Look Like?

The shiny version of Hitmontop is a greyish, dark brown color and also has different colored clothes to the standard version of the Pokemon.

Instead of the normal version’s dark blue outfit and footwear, shiny Hitmontop has purple clothes and shoes.

Normal and Shiny Hitmontop in Pokemon GO

Can You Get Shiny Tyrogue in Pokemon GO?

You can get a shiny version of Tyrogue in Pokemon GO. However, the only way to get one is by hatching an Egg.

Tyrogue never spawns in the wild in Pokemon GO, so you’ll need to hope that if you hatch a Tyrogue from a 5km Egg, it is a shiny one.

Find out how to get more Eggs in Pokemon GO if you are after a shiny Tyrogue!

Tyrogue and Shiny Tyrogue Pokemon GO
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