Yes, you can catch a shiny version of Eevee in Pokemon GO, but only if you get lucky.

Any Eevee you encounter in Pokemon GO has a very low chance of being the shiny version, no matter how you found it. It could be from a wild spawn, a Research reward, or after winning an Eevee Raid.

The exact chance of catching shiny Eevee in Pokemon GO is extremely low. On average, you will find one for every 500 Eevee you encounter!

Also, by far, the best time to catch a shiny Eevee is during the Pokemon GO Eevee Spotlight Hour. This is because Eevee will be spawning way more often during this event!

Catch Shiny Eevee Pokemon GO

What Does Shiny Eevee Look Like in Pokemon GO?

Instead of the standard brown, the shiny version of Eevee is a light gray/cream color.

Additionally, it has white fur around its neck and on the tip of its tail instead of the light brown fur of the normal Eevee, distinguishing it further.

While this new Eevee color palette may not be the most exciting, many of the Eeveelutions have greater shiny versions!

Normal and Shiny Eevee Pokemon GO

Every Shiny Eeveelution in Pokemon GO

As you can catch a shiny Eevee, you can use 25 Eevee Candy to evolve it into a shiny version of any of the Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO. This means it is also possible to get the following:

  • Shiny Vaporeon
  • Shiny Jolteon
  • Shiny Flareon
  • Shiny Espeon
  • Shiny Umbreon
  • Shiny Leafeon
  • Shiny Glaceon
  • Shiny Sylveon

Evolving Eevee, shiny or not, always requires 25 Eevee Candy, but there are specific additional requirements to get some evolutions. For instance, you must walk 10km with Eevee before evolving it to get Espeon or Umbreon or use a Mossy or Icy Lure Module to get Leafeon or Glaecon.

Check out our Pokemon GO Eeveelutions guide for more information on exactly how to evolve Eevee into each of its evolved forms.

Shiny Eeveelutions Pokemon GO

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