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Can You Catch a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO?

Ditto is one of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO, but can you catch a shiny version of this shapeshifting ‘Mon?

Pokemon trainers have hundreds of different creatures to catch in Pokemon GO but there’s one, in particular, that is a real pain to catch.

Catching a Ditto has been frustrating for players who weren’t able to complete the 2022 April Fools Day Special Research as it is so rare. In fact, Ditto is so elusive that many players don’t even know if there is a shiny version of the Pokemon in the game.

So here’s the answer to the question all you shiny hunters have been asking. Can you catch a shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO?

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Pokemon GO Ditto Background

Is There a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO?

There is a shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO but, as you imagine, it is extremely hard to find. Therefore, you’ll want to know the top tips for catching Ditto in Pokemon GO!

You’ll have to catch as many of the Pokemon that Ditto can disguise itself as and cross your fingers. Not only are you wanting the Pokemon to actually be Ditto, but then you have to hope that it’s a shiny version, which is extremely rare.

Here’s every Pokemon GO Ditto Disguise right now!

Additionally, if you spot a shiny version of a Pokemon that can be a disguised Ditto, it will never be a Ditto. You may as well catch it anyway though – who says no to a shiny?

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What Does Shiny Ditto Look Like?

Like all shiny forms of Pokemon, Ditto’s shiny version is a different color from the normal one.

Shiny Ditto is a nice light blue color, making it one of the more unique shinies in the game. There’s nothing worse than a shiny that is barely distinguishable from the normal version (we’re looking at you, Pikachu)!

Pokemon GO Shiny Ditto

Good luck catching a shiny version of Ditto in Pokemon GO. It’s a great ‘Mon to have for any Pokemon trainer’s collection!

Refer to our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chances of encountering a shiny version of Ditto!

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