The PlayStation Portal is an excellent option for those who want a portable PS5 experience, but can you take it anywhere?

Sony emphasizes that the best you can experience gaming on the PS Portal is through your home’s Wi-Fi. This makes complete sense since this is almost immediate access to your console, translating to much less latency.

However, the Portal can, in fact, connect to other networks outside your home for remote play with some caveats. Let’s talk about remote playing from anywhere on a PlayStation Portal!

Can I Remote Play From Anywhere?

In short, yes, you can remote play on the PlayStation Portal from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection that meets Sony’s requirements.

Here are the Wi-Fi requirements Sony has shared on the official product page of the PS Portal:

  • Broadband internet Wi-Fi
    • Minimum Speed: 5Mbps
    • Recommended Speed: 15Mbps

These requirements apply to both in-home and remote networks. Now, this does not necessarily mean that if a network outside your home meets these requirements, you will have an optimal experience.

PlayStation Portal Remote Play Anywhere FAQs

How Good or Bad Is the Remote Play Experience Outside Home?

In essence, how good or bad your experience while remote playing from anywhere outside your home will depend on the network stability and speed.

An unfathomable amount of outside factors, such as interference, client saturation, and much more, can affect network stability.

For this reason, it is improbable you will get the same experience you get at home while remote playing anywhere outside on your PlayStation Portal. Yet, this doesn’t mean it isn’t playable.

In the video below, content creator SpawnPoiint speaks in detail about their experience with remote play from anywhere with the PlayStation Portal.

The game was playable at some point upon using their mobile hotspot, but there were minor stuttering and poor connection pop-ups.

Many gamers have tried doing the same from public networks in hotels and coffee shops, while others have attempted it using their mobile hotspots in parking lots.

In the best-case scenarios, the game was fully playable with a similar quality to what you would expect at home.

As you can see, the experience greatly depends on your Wi-Fi. Even at home, the PlayStation Portal might not be the best experience if you do not have the proper network.

Fortunately, if there is decent Wi-Fi around, your PlayStation Portal should be ready to give you that PS5 kick from anywhere!

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