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Can I Use My Xbox Series X/S Early if It Arrives Before Release Day?

Despite Microsoft’s newest console not releasing for another couple of days, fans are starting to get their deliveries already. This leading many to wonder if it’s okay to use the Xbox Series X/S if it arrives early.

Waiting for a release date to finally arrive is a painstaking process, especially with a new console. Around the world, millions of Xbox fans are looking to get their hands on the upcoming device, but they have a little longer to wait.

But what about if the console arrives early? Is it okay to plug it in and get playing?

xbox series x
(Source: Microsoft)

Or will Microsoft detect the console’s early usage and punish you for daring to turn your Xbox on before release? The good news is, we finally have our answer, and it’s straight from the source.

Can I Use My Xbox Series X/S Early?

According to Xbox Support on Twitter, the answer is a resounding yes! Those fans lucky enough to receive their Xbox Series X/S before Tuesday’s launch are more than welcome to begin their next-gen gaming immediately.

This probably comes as a relief to those fans who were scared to open their new packages for fear of an account ban. Now, you’re free to spend some time with your next-gen purchase, even before release day.

xbox series s
(Source: Microsoft)

There is one small issue with doing so, however. Xbox Support is quick to indicate that the team is still making finishing touches to the Series X/S software before launch.

Gamers should expect ‘multiple’ platform and game updates as we head closer to release day. Hopefully, this doesn’t leave your new Xbox Series X/S experience too filled with downloads.

The Xbox Support page likely put up this public service announcement as a response to the extreme number of messages the page gets on a daily basis. As an additional PSA, the account encourages gamers to reach out to their retailer of choice regarding their console’s arrival date.

We imagine there are a lot of gamers that are taking that query directly to Xbox Support itself.

It’s certainly true that some Xbox fans are getting early shipments. In fact, one lucky fan got their device earlier this week and confirmed the Xbox Series S has a lack of storage space.

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