Camp Nou is one of the most iconic stadiums in world football, home to Spanish giants FC Barcelona and with the announcement of EA Sports FC, many wonder if it will feature in the game.

For over seven years, this stadium has been noticeably missing from the FIFA franchise. This was due to Barcelona having an exclusive deal with Konami for the rights to their stadium.

Will the Camp Nou Feature in EA Sports FC?

Currently, it appears that Camp Nou might not return to EA Sports’ football games. According to reliable FIFA leaker Donk, Konami is set to renew its contract with Barça.

The fact that Camp Nou is the only stadium from La Liga Santander that is missing from FIFA 23 has left many Barcelona fans disappointed.

If omitted from the game again this will be a massive blow for them as they are unable to experience the thrill of playing in their home stadium in the game.

Also for those who are looking for an authentic experience in Career Mode it will be a disappointment as well. The authenticity that fans want is not provided by playing in a stadium that is not the team’s home ground.

EA Sports FC promises to be the bigger than ever with new partnerships for the game being announced. The developers have also told FIFA fans as to when they can expect a full announcement to arrive.

Camp Nou in EA Sports FIFA 16

Could the Camp Nou Return to EA Sports FC?

Although slim, there is a possibility that the largest stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, could return to the game. This is due to EA Sports’ recent sponsorship deal with Spain’s top football division which will begin in the 2023-2024 season.

This could mark big news for Barcelona fans, as in 2019, Konami agreed on an exclusive deal with Manchester United similar to the one they have with the Catalan club.

However, due to EA Sport’s partnership with the Premier League, they could keep Old Trafford in their FIFA titles.

EA Sports FC’s official announcement provided a list of official licenses and partnerships coming to the game. Check out the complete list of leagues and tournaments that will feature, including La Liga.

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