Call of Duty WW2 DLC 2 Zombies Map To Be Set in Berlin?

Call of Duty WW2 DLC 2 Zombies Map To Be Set in Berlin?

The first Call of Duty WW2 DLC release ‘The Resistance’ has been out on PS4 for close to a month now. It features 3 new multiplayer maps, an additional War mode map, and a new zombies experience. The latest installment to the Nazi Zombies series takes our heroes to a remote island off the coast of Germany. Overall, The Darkest Shore map has garnered positive reviews from both players and critics alike. The dust has yet to settle on this exciting new chapter, yet many players are already wondering where the next CoD WW2 DLC will take place. Recent leaks and rumors point to the Call of Duty WW2 DLC 2 Zombies Map being set in Berlin.

Data miners have uncovered an interesting bit of code that is worth looking at.

DLC 1: mp_zombie_island

DLC 2: mp_zombie_berlin

These files exist within the game and are usually accurate indicators on what is to come. The DLC 1 zombie island file was revealed weeks before The Darkest Shore trailer came out and proved the validity of such information. As a result, many players were expecting DLC 1 to take place on an island prior to any announcements. With the release of this new DLC 2 zombie berlin file, it provides some insight as to where the next chapter might be.

Looking into the lore of Sledgehammer’s Nazi Zombies also provides some clues that Berlin will be the next map.

SPOILER ALERT: The ending cutscene for The Darkest Shore Easter egg has our four players escaping the island aboard Dr. Straub’s zeppelin headed towards the mainland. For those that don’t know, Dr. Straub is basically one of the evil villains behind the whole zombie crisis. While on the zeppelin one of the playable characters states, “We’re not going to England, Straub has other plans.”

The reason Dr. Straub would be taking his undead army to England is because of the planned invasion called Operation Sea Lion. This was an actual plan by the Nazis to take control of Great Britain during World War 2 but was never successfully implemented due to staggering losses. The secret Audio Files on The Darkest Shore makes reference to this never realized operation:

“Our losses in the East have brought increased pressure from Himmler to begin Operation Sea Lion in a matter of days. I have to go. Please, send in your strike force. Soon.”

That was the transcript of an Audio File that seems to be telling Dr. Straub to prepare for an invasion of England. However, one of the more recent Audio Files states:

“We have new orders, orders to abandon Operation Sea Lion. I overheard the message from Berlin. You must hurry! You must come – come now! It was from our Fuhrer! He was begging for rescue!”

So this means that Dr. Straub would be taking his fleet, along with the four playable characters, to Berlin in response to the distress call. There are 33 Audio Files in total placed in various locations around The Final Reich and The Darkest Shore maps. The tapes add more information behind the continuous story that will span all four DLCs. The cutscenes before and after the Easter Egg also contribute to the plot and are indicators of things to come.

All signs point to Berlin as the next location for COD WW2 Zombies to take place. However, nothing is certain until Sledgehammer reveals a trailer, which could arrive in early April. DLC 2 is expected to be released mid to late April on Playstation 4 and 30 days later, respectively for Xbox One.


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