Could Call of Duty DLC exclusivity move back to Xbox from Playstation?

Call of Duty DLC exclusivity

The Call of Duty DLC exclusivity has been a hot topic in recent years. In 2010 Microsoft started their reign of exclusivity meaning they’d have add-ons and map packs released on Xbox Live first for an exclusive period. However, this ended in September 2015. Playstation’s reign began and DLC content has been exclusive for at least 30 days from Black Ops 3 onwards. This is a surprisingly big deal, not only because of the 30 day wait but also because it also dictates a lot in the competitive scene.

Activision foresaw the Playstation 4 to overtake the Xbox One in terms of hardware capability, but also popularity. It makes business sense to have exclusivity on a more popular, powerful console. Sony are also official sponsors of the major eSports League (ESL) which ties in with this nicely for them.

Why would it change to Xbox?

A huge release is expected this year in the name of the Xbox Scorpio. This is expected to be the most powerful and advanced console ever built, whilst the PS5 still looks a long while away. Microsoft bided their time and saw Sony easily overtake them with the PS4 Pro, however the tables could turn on the next release.

The length of the Sony deals are unknown, but with eSports being such a growth market it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see Microsoft invest heavily in it and attempt to get some exclusive deals back.

Although it’s an interesting thought, we certainly wouldn’t bank on this happening. Especially because back in 2015, Andrew House (Sony Computer CEO) said “these kinds of third-party exclusivity arrangements are central to Sony’s business strategy going forward”.

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By Cristal Bernal



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