Call of Duty CoD WW2 Servers Down Error Codes 103295, 36896 & 4128 – PS4, Xbox One & PC


Since the Call of Duty WW2 launch the majority of day one players have been outraged by the amount of CoD WW2 Error Codes occurring predominately on PS4 and Xbox One, whereas some on PC! Players have been experiencing the CoD WW2 Servers Down Error Codes 103295, 36896 and 4128 for most of the time. The CoD WW2 Error Code 4128 was one that we saw appearing a lot yesterday evening, however two new errors have now risen on PS4, Xbox One and PC – 103295 and 36896.

According to the Activision Server Status all CoD WW2 Servers should be online, however with the number of people complaining on twitter that’s likely to be a mistake.

Servers are not offline for everyone however some players have found that restarting their router or console may make a huge difference!

We also found that having an open nat type will help.

ERROR: The Call of Duty WWII Service is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates.

Error Code: 103295


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