Two New Call of Duty Board Games Allegedly Set for Release by December 2018

Call of Duty Monopoly & Risk Board Games

The YouTuber Glitching Queen has revealed today that two new Call of Duty board games are allegedly set for release by December this year.

In a video, the popular YouTuber claimed that a Call of Duty themed edition of Monopoly and a Call of Duty themed edition of the popular game Risk would be released at the tail end of the year.

This all began when a Gamestop employee leaked images of the Gamestop database back in March, a database which had a Call of Duty Exclusive board game logged into the system for a late September release.

She was supposedly able to talk to an employee at the company behind the production of these board games, a North American creator and distributor named USAopoly. From the site, she contacted them directly to see if they had any information.

“We have a couple Call of Duty items coming out this year,” a USAopoly employee said in a phone call with the YouTuber. “We’ll have a monopoly game, and then we’ll also have a puzzle, and we’re trying to get a Risk out by the end of the year as well.”

While the employee was able to disclose that these games were coming they were not able to reveal any information about the games, so at this moment in time, we don’t know what universe they take place in or if it will be based around the Call of Duty Campaigns, multiplayer or Zombies modes. Though seeing as these games are coming out so close to a Treyarch release it is likely that they will be in some way tied to the Black Ops franchise.

The employee also said that USAopoly themselves were not allowed to release any promotional material regarding these games, as Activision wanted to release the new images first themselves.

However, they were able to reveal that the embargo for promotional material will be lifted on the 7th of September, with a release of the Monopoly game shortly after.


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