NEW Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons, To Drop In Holiday Update

NEW Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons

BREAKING – Just two days before the official first major update to Modern Warfare Remastered, slated to include 6 new maps and 2 new game modes, new information has surfaced via YouTube about Melee weapons being added into the game. YouTube user HollowPoiint posted a video late Sunday afternoon which included game play of the new multiplayer maps slated to release this Tuesday simultaneously on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What seemed to be an innocent video showing off the new HD remastered maps, shortly turned into a horror show for many Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered fans when Twitter user @Decepticon_US made quite the discovery buried within the kill feed of the video. 60368dfa9f7aece95c5e426fdd495808 d18f2128bf9276e0fc1e69f0a71304f7

NEW Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons

Hidden within the kill feed was images of three weapons that appear to be a shovel, sword and an axe which may have been inspired by the iconic “Cliffhanger” mission in Modern Warfare 2. How exactly these weapons will work within the game is unclear. These weapons could replace secondary weapons as we have seen in previous games, such as Black Ops 3. We could also see these weapons replace the knife melee weapon, in a system where players can select  their melee weapon. We have seen such a system within the Battlefield series, with Battlefield 4 offering a variety of knives, or Battlefield One offering players melee weapons ranging from shovels to clubs.

However, this news leaves a concerning grey area within the gaming community. Previously, such cosmetics have only been available via Supply Drops, which brings up the possibility of an entire economy being introduced into Modern Warfare Remastered, which could include micro transactions and a key system for opening up Supply Drop crates. This is not the first time such information has surfaced about the possibility of Supply Drops being introduced, with information regarding hidden weapons within the games code surfaced late last month. Recent community feedback has been mostly negative towards Supply Drops, meaning that the addition of them to Modern Warfare Remastered could stir up controversy within the community.

The 6 new HD Remastered Multiplayer maps (Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike and Wetwork), Winter Crash, as well as two new game modes (Hardpoint and Gun Game) are expected to be added on Tuesday December 13th, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneously.

Modern Warfare Remastered Maps + New Game Modes

Sources: HollowPoiint (Video)


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