New Weapon Camos and Firing Range added to MW Remastered

MWR New Weapon Camos & Firing Rage

As of recently, several YouTubers had the chance to record game-play of Modern Warfare Remastered after being fortunate enough to get flown out to Raven Software’s HQ. Above all, YouTuber TmarTn released a video showcasing new weapon camos and an interactive Firing Range that has been implemented. Additionally, this game-play seems to be the full build of MWR and should now be available from other various YouTubers.

Modern Warfare Remastered Firing Range

As shown below, the Firing Range access will be located in Create A Class.

MWR Firing Range Access

Here is an In-Depth look at Modern Warfare Remastered’s Firing Range:

Firing Range In-Depth

New Weapon Camos

Initially, everyone was surprised when Raven Software implemented a new weapon inspect mechanic to Modern Warfare. For this reason, there was much speculation whether new weapon camos would be introduced to Modern Warfare Remastered following the discovery. As shown below, the speculation can now be put to rest because Raven has did just that. Seven new camos in addition to the originals have been added to the fold.

Dragon Skin

MWR Dragon Skin New Weapon Camo
O.D. Green

MWR OD Green New Weapon Camo

Flat Dark Earth

MWR Flat Dark Earth New Weapon Camo

Winter Tiger

MWR Winter Tiger New Weapon Camo

Nickel Plated

MWR Nickel Plated New Weapon Camo

Neon Tiger

MWR Neon Tiger New Weapon Camo

Subsequently, footage of the 7th weapon camo has yet to be seen since it is locked. In any case, this seventh new weapon camo seems to be to the equivalent of Diamond/Royalty camo which was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

MWR Regal New Weapon Camo

Specifically, Regal is a class camo achieved by unlocking Gold camo for all the weapons of that class. For example, the picture above states: “Unlock all Gold camos for assault rifles”. Any information about whether a camo earned similarly to Dark Matter from Black Ops 3 exists is yet to be announced.

In conclusion, Raven Software has done everything they can to modernize the Modern Warfare experience while doing their best to not alter the core game we all remember. Above all, Modern Warfare Remastered will be releasing along side Infinite Warfare on Friday November 4th as part of the Legacy, Legacy Pro, and Digital Deluxe Editions.

Source: TmarTn


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