Rumor: MW2 Remastered Coming With Multiplayer, Features Cross Play

MW2 Remastered Multiplayer

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered has seemed all but confirmed for while now, but there was previously a catch – it would be Campaign only. It appears as though this won’t be the case, however. A new rumor courtesy of TheGamingRevolution suggests MW2 Remastered will arrive with cross play and Multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer

In addition to ESRB and Australian Classification Board ratings earlier this year, an array of other leaks also surfaced suggesting that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is on the horizon, but as Campaign only.

According to the YouTuber, MW2 Remastered was initially planned to be Campaign only. However, Activision reportedly had a change of plan.

If this rumor is anything to go by, we can expect to see both the Campaign and Multiplayer release with MW2 Remastered. We could potentially see MP and Campaign release at different times, however.

MW2 Remastered Release Date

Many expected the title to launch last year, but due to a suppose delay, this wasn’t the case. As a result of the controversial ‘No Russian’ mission, where you could kill a host of innocent civilians in an airport, Activision apparently delayed the game in a bid to avoid backlash. This is ironic, while Modern Warfare is expected to be the most controversial Call of Duty to date.

It’s unclear as to when the game will launch, as also mentioned by the YouTuber himself. We’ve listed some predictions below. Again, we stress that these are only predictions – Activision is yet to comment on the matter.

  • Potentially within Dark Edition for Modern Warfare, which was previously posted on places like GameStop and Amazon.
  • The Campaign could release 30 days prior to the launch of Modern Warfare.
  • Multiplayer could arrive 6 months after the release of the upcoming Call of Duty iteration. This prospect would make sense from a marketing perspective, while Activision wouldn’t have two competing Multiplayer games if this was the case.
  • It could launch next year, in addition to the rumored Black Ops Reboot.

This is purely speculation. Activision has not confirmed anything, their plans can also be subject to change. Nevertheless, MW2 Remastered has apparently been finished since April 2019, as per the YouTuber.

Cross Play

The most interesting, yet bizarre aspect of this rumor. MW2 Remastered is reportedly going to have cross play with the original game. Players on PlayStation 4 will be able to connect with users on PS3, while Xbox One users can play with Xbox 360 players.

In order for this to work, the title will need to be an exact replica of the original game. The consoles will transfer user inputs to a server. This will also require Activision to update the servers, as there are many modded and hacked lobbies.

Most interestingly, there was an update for Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One a while ago. Although many believe this to merely include Backwards Compatibility improvements and bug fixes, it could be Activision preparing for something far bigger.

Modern Warfare 2 New Update on Xbox One (May 23rd)

MW3 Remastered

In addition to MW2R, MW3 Remastered is supposedly in development as well. Details have remained under wraps for this though, as the YouTuber does not know when it will be releasing and whether or not it will be Campaign only.

We advise fans to remain sceptical. The cross play part of the rumor, in particular, seems highly dubious. Until Activision confirm anything themselves, please do not get your hopes up.


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