MW2 Remastered Release Date – Completely Ruled out Until November 2018 with CoD WW2?

MW2 Remastered Release Date - Completely Ruled out Until November 2018 with CoD WW2?

It’s almost been two months since one of the biggest Games in the world launched, Call of Duty WW2. The CoD WW2 launch received a mixed reaction, with some fans pleased for CoD to go back to their original ‘boots on the ground’ roots and many players upset that their favourite CoD game of all time, MW2 Remastered wasn’t going to be taking place. Although Modern Warfare 2 Remastered hasn’t arrived with CoD WW2, does that mean it is completely ruled out until November 2018? Find out whether the¬†MW2 Remastered Release Date has a chance of being announced with CoD WW2 in 2018 below.

MW2 Remastered Release Date

Modern Warfare 2 is arguably the best Call of Duty game of all time, which may leave thousands of fans in shock of it not being remastered yet. Since the remaster of CoD 4, a fair amount of the Community fully expected MW2 Remastered to be revealed alongside the following game, and that could still take place! A few months ago, we heard rumours of Modern Warfare 2 Remastered coming six months into WW2. If these plans were to take place and Activision had been keeping quiet on the future of CoD we may be seeing the MW2 Release Date somewhere between March and April.

MW2 Remastered Release Date

With Sledgehammer Games bringing a similar game to World at War out this year, MW2 would fit the chronological order very well however SHGames did NOT develop it so there’s unfortunately still a chance that we’ll have to wait until Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty. Despite SHG not developing MW2, last year we saw Beenox and Raven Software contribute towards the launch of Infinity Ward’s latest remaster so that could possibly mean the same for MW2 Remastered.

MW2 Remastered Logo - Release Date 2018?

Due to it still being early days Activision are yet to confirm anything and are currently leaving us in suspense on what their future plans are, however one thing we do know is whatever CoD’s upcoming plans will be we’ll certainly be in for a exciting treat.

Let us know below on whether you think we’ll see MW2 Remastered in 2018.

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