Has Infinity Ward Shut Down the Prospect of MW2 Remastered?

MW2 Remastered

A new comment from an Infinity Ward dev has prompted speculation as to whether MW2 Remastered is actually on the horizon or not.

MW2 Remastered Teased by Modern Warfare Art

Earlier this week, a new theory surfaced following the discovery of a somewhat cryptic teaser within the Call of Duty Modern Warfare cover art. Players noticed the letter ‘2’ subtly embedded on the left shoulder of Captain Price. This was accompanied by the phrase ‘Modern Warfare is back’.

Yes, we know it’s a little bit of a stretch, but so is the thought that this wasn’t implemented with intent. It’s fair to say that the phrase ‘Modern Warfare 2 is back’ doesn’t just accidentally slip out every now and then.

Cover art is always carefully thought out and analysed with a fine tooth comb. Each intricate detail is usually edited to perfection prior to an announcement. Therefore, we’re almost certain that the inclusion of the ‘2’ wasn’t down to coincidence.

Does this mean Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is definitely coming? There are always some people who jump the gun a little with teasers like these. By no means does this confirm it will arrive, but it supposedly increases the chances.

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Infinity Ward’s intent as to why this has been implemented remains a mystery. It could potentially be just to troll fans a little. That might not be the right way about entertaining diehard supporters, however.

Infinity Ward Dev Replies to Theories

Throughout the past few days, players have caught onto the theories so much so that Infinity Ward’s Studio Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki, has responded to the influx of speculation. In a recent tweet, he replied with ‘Hah! That’s funny’ after one fan asked him what his take on the theory was.

There’s no definitive answer as to whether MW2 Remastered is on the horizon. Although Kurosaki’s response doesn’t make the theories appear too promising, it doesn’t necessarily debunk the idea either.

The title might not launch alongside the upcoming Modern Warfare game, but it can always release at a later date. It may release 6 months down the line after October 25 or accompany the launch of the heavily rumored Black Ops Reboot next year, for example.


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