Call of Duty MW2 Remastered Release Date (Expected)

Call of Duty MW2 Remastered Release Date

The rumors do not stop about Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. Probably because in many gamers eyes, it’s one of the best CoD titles ever made. The MW2 Remastered release date may just be becoming a real event to write down on your calendars.

Although no confirmation yet from Activision, there’s a fair few clues appearing beneath the increasing speculation.

MW2 Remastered is probably already in development

If MW2 Remastered is to be released, it has probably already been in development for at least a few months. Raven Software remastered the original Modern Warfare (released in November 2016) and it took nearly 3 years to develop. Keeping the core gameplay unchanged whilst improving performance to 4k resolution and 60FPS will be the number one goal of the development team taking on this task. To be ready for the next Infinity Ward release in November 2019, using a similar timeframe to MWR they will have to already have the game in development.

MW2 Remastered Release Date

Modern Warfare 2 is an Infinity Ward title and their next turn on the Call of Duty development cycle will be set for a November 2019 release. This will mark 10 years since the release of the original MW2. The last 3 years Activision have chosen their CoD titles to be released on the first Friday of November. This makes a lot of business sense and has been welcomed by players ready for a weekend to grind. However, in 2019 the first Friday of November falls on the 1st; this might be too early for Activision and they may wait for the 8th. Of course this is all theoretical with no official confirmation yet, but for someone who has been in this market for years I feel very confident about it.

Expected MW2 Remastered Release Date: November 1st, 2019 or November 8th, 2019.

This may seem a long time, but in reality this is the earliest it could be released. Treyarch have been confirmed as the developer of CoD 2018 and we won’t see MW2 alongside this. Rumors and leaks will probably start to appear in early 2019 with trailers and teasers to follow.

Why MW2 Backwards Compatibility Won’t Cut it

It speaks volumes that MW2 to be backwards compatible on Xbox One is the highest voted game on the official Xbox forum. The fact that they are still holding out doing this shows they have other plans in the works (this is the choice of Activision). This seems to be the correct decision, the game was broken with hackers and playing on Xbox One would not fix this as you’d be in lobbies with Xbox 360 players. This also wouldn’t be good news for PS4 players. After 10 years, a remaster is desperately needed to utilize the latest hardware upgrades; we saw how impressive the MW Remastered game turned out to be.

Call of Duty MW2 Backwards Compatibility Xbox One

Screenshot from: Xbox User Voice Forum

If we’re being honest, Activision seems to have lost touch with the Call of Duty community. The community feel they have taken too many risks with jetpack futuristic titles and released unfinished bug-ridden games. Going back and remastering a classic so many players want would be a safe business decision. Their biggest threat will be making sure it doesn’t overshadow the Infinity Ward 2019 CoD title, which will be hard as it may be a similar style game with so many demanding “boots on the ground”. We will probably see them package it like they did with MW Remastered in the Legacy Edition to make sure the main game sells too.

I’m almost certain Call of Duty MW2 Remastered will arrive in November 2019 and probably on one of the dates listed above. The mesmerizing campaign and all-time map classics such as Afghan, Terminal, Wasteland and Highrise (just to mention a few) would be a sure fire winner.

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