Activision Attending GDC 2019, Could History Repeat Itself with an MW2 Remastered Trailer?

MW2 Remastered

An influx of leaks and rumors have circulated online suggesting that MW2 Remastered will be the next installment within the Call of Duty franchise, alongside the release of Modern Warfare 4. Activision has since confirmed they’ll be attending GDC 2019. If history were to repeat itself, an MW2 Remastered trailer may be on the horizon.

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer – GDC 2009

Interestingly, Activision has quite the reputation for making announcements during GDC. Back in 2009, Modern Warfare 2 was first teased following the Games Development Conference.

While the titles remaster seems all but confirmed, Activision may release an all-new trailer/teaser for the game. This would also mark the game’s 10 year anniversary.

Activision on Sales Spree for Modern Warfare Series

In addition to the first MW2 trailer, Activision has also recently been on a sales spree, for the Modern Warfare series particularly. First CoD 4: MWR was made available for free with PlayStation Plus, and now the entirety of the series has been significantly discounted, by approximately 25% to 50%, on the Xbox Store.

Alongside this, it also appears as though Activision has started a sale for their Modern Warfare series merchandise.

So, why has Activision gone on a sales spree for Modern Warfare? There can only be one logical explanation for this. It’s thought that Activision is attempting to get all the sales they can, prior to the announcement of a potential MW2 Remaster, and/or Modern Warfare 4.

When Does GDC 2019 Take Place?

GDC 2019 is scheduled to take place from March 18th to 22nd. Activision will be hosting an array of conferences, many of which will be dedicated to Call of Duty.

  • My Tutorial Day: Machine Learning For Everyday Programming
  • Controller to Display Latency in ‘Call of Duty’
  • Did You Have Fun? Analytics in ‘Call of Duty’

While none explicitly mention anything Modern Warfare 2 Remastered related, it certainly would come as a surprise to see a trailer release. However, it is possible for one to arise following GDC.

Although Activision has confirmed they’ll be attending GDC 2019, it hasn’t been confirmed that an MW2 Remastered Trailer will debut, nor has it been confirmed that anything Call of Duty 2019 related will be revealed.

Considering Black Ops 4 was announced in early March last year, however, an announcement of what this year will deliver is certainly imminent. Whether Infinity Ward decides to follow suit and unveil details this month is currently unknown.


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