Nintendo Switch References Discovered in Call of Duty Website Code

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Nintendo Switch

Infinity Ward has recently announced the timing and date of the upcoming Call of Duty reveal, in case you’ve been living under a rock today.

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch References

In addition to the announcement, eager fans believe they may have also discovered references towards the Nintendo Switch console featured within the Call of Duty website’s code.

The sightings are courtesy of Badfive, who claims to have been scouring the official Call of Duty website’s code. During their search, they noticed referenced ‘Nintendo Switch’ an array of different times. While they claim to regularly check the code, it means these most likely have been added as of very recently – despite many claiming this code has been there for years.

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch Code

If you take a deeper look, you’ll notice word on the 720p display of the Nintendo Switch alongside phrases such as “nxdock.” While ‘NX’ was a code name for the console prior to its release, many believe this is referring to the Nintendo Switch dock.

The website is adamant these have not been added merely by a coincidence, nor is this random. In all fairness, there would be no reason to even mention Nintendo Switch anywhere in the Call of Duty website’s code unless a title from the franchise was indeed planned to release on the console.

Activision, nor Infinity Ward have provided comment on the matter. Although we are not saying for sure Modern Warfare will arrive on Nintendo Switch – if these claims are true – then fans of the console could be in a big, big surprise.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Nintendo Switch

Modern Warfare has been somewhat of an open secret as of lately. Although it’s deemed to be the next instalment of the franchise, it could very easily not arrive on the Switch. If the source code is legitimate, then it could always be referring to a Call of Duty game planned for further down the line.

Gaming INTEL is not completely sold on the rumors of Call of Duty launching on Switch. Either way, take the information however you will, but please do remain somewhat sceptical. This isn’t the first time reports similar to this have surfaced.

Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare release on Nintendo Switch, or does Activision have something else up their sleeve?

If the source code is referring to the upcoming game in the franchise, then we’ll probably hear official word on the matter tomorrow at the Call of Duty 2019 reveal at 10am PT / 6pm BST.


  1. I’m surprised Call of Duty isn’t on the extremely Successful Nintendo Switch yet??! It would sell very well on Nintendo Switch!

  2. Okay so, not for nothing but I think there’s actually a reasonable explanation for this code. Before the Switch’s release, everyone kept saying and hoping that the console will have a web browser. Now, as we know, the Switch DOES have a browser, except it is only accessable when logging into a network and is very limited. However, the 3DS and WiiU DO have a web browser and those code subject folders are located right on top of the Nintendo Switch codes on the website. Both of those other consoles did not have any Call of Duty released for it. To conclude, I believe that these dimensional codes for the Switch and docked resolution stats were to prepare the Switch for viewing the website through the, now non-accessable, web browser.


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