New Call of Duty Game from Activision and Tencent Coming to China

Call of Duty China

Call of Duty has been the main topic in the gaming world since yesterday. Digital pre-orders were able to download the Black Ops 4 beta early. Not long after that the beta went live, and only the digital pre-orders were able to access it. With all the hype surrounding the Black Ops 4 beta, Activision didn’t hesitate to include themselves. They announced a collaboration with Tencent to create a new Call of Duty Mobile game. This mobile game will be released in China.

Call of Duty Mobile Game Announcement

What We Know

The article that was posted on the Activision blog didn’t include much detail, but so far this is what we know:

  • The mobile game will be free-to-play
  • It will be a first-person shooter
  • Will feature different characters, weapons, maps, and game modes from across the Call of Duty franchise.
Release Date:

Although there is nothing set in stone and concrete according to the Activision blog the game will be released within the next few months.

“We are bringing together a vast array of characters, content and modes from across this great franchise into a new Call of Duty mobile game tailored to meet the interests and play styles of mobile players in China.  We look forward to revealing the title soon and releasing the game in China in a few months.” -Steven Ma, Senior VP of Tencent

Basically, they are taking the game we play on console and putting it into an iPhone or Android. Now, I wonder how they will incorporate the fan favorites from the Call of Duty franchise into a mobile game. Since there are many different game modes, maps, weapons, and characters (more so on the zombies side). How will they make this mobile game good or better than what people are expecting?

Activision will have to step up their game, that’s for sure. People haven’t been pleased with them with Destiny 2 or the Call of Duty franchise for the last few years. Especially with the WWII title. It was quite disappointing, and people have been asking for the game to be fixed for months now. Since they’ve decided to partner up with Tencent whose mobile studio Timi is known to produce some of the best first-person shooter mobile games. Activision is going to be expected to release a game that is above the bar.

Hopefully this new mobile game is successful, and the mobile players in China can enjoy the Call of Duty franchise the way we do on console. Let us know your thoughts below by commenting!

Source: Activision


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