Has Wasteland just been teased for Modern Warfare 4?

Modern Warfare 4 Wasteland Map

The next installment within the Call of Duty franchise is set to release later this year. A recent post by Infinity Ward’s Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, appears to have prompted speculation as to what Modern Warfare 4 has on the horizon.

Call of Duty MW4 Wasteland Map Teased?

Modern Warfare 4 was first leaked by Gaming INTEL back in May 2018. Now, other hints seem to suggest the title is all but confirmed to be Call of Duty’s 2019 release.

Although the upcoming addition to the franchise hasn’t been announced by Infinity Ward as of yet, it appears as though their staff have kicked-off the usual influx of cryptic teasers.

Ashton Williams recently posted to her Twitter account a link to a Youtube song, which happens to be called “10 Years – Wasteland.” From a distance, this seems to be just any ordinary tweet. Employees usually save them for their personal accounts leaving the more important tweets for their official profiles, however.

This was cleared up by Joel Emslie very recently, following the influx of rumors after he changed his profile banner. As he mentions, cryptic teasers or work-related details are not posted to employees’ personal accounts.

Most interestingly, Modern Warfare 2 is approaching its 10 year anniversary this year. Further, Wasteland was an iconic map in the title.

Players can take Ashton Williams’ tweet a host of different ways. There’s always the chance that this had absolutely nothing to do with Modern Warfare 4, however that seems rather hard to believe considering she has previously posted cryptic teasers. On the other hand, this tweet could suggest that Wasteland will be available in the upcoming Call of Duty title, which we understand to be MW4.

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Call of Duty MW4 Wasteland Map

Most notably, the mere details which Infinity Ward have provided have confirmed that Call of Duty 2019 will be a “game rooted in the franchise.” While Gaming INTEL sources have mentioned that Modern Warfare 4 will feature very similar maps and weapons to both MW2 and MW3, it wouldn’t be farfetched in the slightest to say Wasteland could be coming to the upcoming CoD game.

Many players have been speculating that Williams could be hinting at the arrival of MW2 Remastered later this year with Wasteland to be featured in Multiplayer. Rumors and leaks have deemed MW2 Remastered to be Campaign only, however. Therefore, that seems to rule out that possibility.

Hypothetically speaking, if Williams’ teaser has any deeper meaning to it whatsoever, then Wasteland will be involved in Call of Duty 2019 some way, shape or form.

Ashton Williams did comment on the matter, mentioning that the song came up on her Spotify not long ago and she realized how much she actually liked it, however it’s up to you whether you decide to believe that.

Although the tweet does seem to suggest Modern Warfare 4 Wasteland is on the horizon, it’s important players do not get their hopes up prior to Infinity Ward confirming details. While this is purely speculation, Infinity Ward could very well have an alternative idea up their sleeve.


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