Sources: Pro Perks Will Be Returning in Modern Warfare 4

Modern Warfare 4 Pro Perks
Featured Image from Modern Warfare 3

Gaming INTEL has received information which suggests Pro Perks will be making a return in Call of Duty 2019, which we have exclusively leaked to be Modern Warfare 4.

Pro Perks in Modern Warfare 4 Rumored

A source close to Gaming INTEL has claimed that Modern Warfare 4 will welcome the return of Pro Perks in an attempt to take Call of Duty back to its roots.

It’s important we take leaks with a pinch of salt until Infinity Ward confirms anything themselves. However, Gaming INTEL has cross-checked the information with several other sources who’ve been extremely reliable in the past, to which they mentioned it was consistent with the game going back to its original roots.

NEW RUMOR: Modern Warfare 4 killstreaks will be similar to MW2 and MW3.

Call of Duty Pro Perks
Call of Duty Pro Perks

Pro Perks returning in Modern Warfare 4 also lines up with other details we have received suggesting that the game will feel more like a Call of Duty classic. Maps and weapons from MW2 and MW3 coming to MW4 Multiplayer, for example.

While Activision has already confirmed that the upcoming addition to the series will be a “game rooted in the franchise”, it appears as though Modern Warfare 4 will be extremely relatable to MW2 and MW3.

In addition to the return of Pro Perks, Gaming INTEL sources have also provided several other details regarding MW4.

What are Call of Duty Pro Perks?

Although they have been absent in several recent installments within the franchise, Pro Perks have played a major role in previous Call of Duty games. Once players have unlocked the pro version of each perk, they’d be granted an additional ability.

Pro Perks have made an appearance in a host of CoD games, ranging from MW2 and MW3 to even Black Ops. Pro Perks have been deemed very useful by players as they provided users with an extra skill.

With the Marathon perk, you’d only be allowed unlimited sprinting, for example. After the pro version has been unlocked, players would be also able to get over obstacles faster, in addition to unlimited sprinting.

It’s unclear as to what perks will be returning, nor has there been any official word on how Pro Perks will work in Modern Warfare 4. However, it’s likely that Modern Warfare 4 Pro Perks will follow suit in granting players an additional ability. Furthermore, users will most likely be able to unlock them via leveling up, the same way as previous titles.



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