Sources Reveal Maps & Weapons From MW2 and MW3 Coming to Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) + MW2

Exclusive Gaming INTEL sources have revealed that maps and weapons from MW2 and MW3 will be included in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4’s Multiplayer mode.

Sources: MW4 to receive MW2/MW3 Maps & Weapons

In a move highly reminiscent of Treyarch and Black Ops 4, Infinity Ward intends to bring maps and weapons from past Modern Warfare games to their in-development title, Gaming INTEL sources have reported.

As we already know Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will soon be released in a remastered form without its multiplayer, a move that many Call of Duty fans have questioned.

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To lessen the blow of a lacking Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode, Infinity Ward will be bringing fan-favorite maps and guns from across the Modern Warfare series into Modern Warfare 4.

Our sources have said that Modern Warfare 4 will be to the Modern Warfare series as Black Ops 4 was to the Black Ops series, elaborating on key mechanics and bringing old maps back in a remastered form.

When asked to elaborate on what maps and weapons will be returning from previous Modern Warfare titles our sources refused to comment, claiming that these things were still subject to change so far out from the release date.

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With that in mind, it is likely that we would likely see weapons and maps that are historically fan favorites among the Call of Duty fan base. After so many Call of Duty titles based in far-flung future settings, it would be nice to finally be able to use familiar weapons such as the ACR or the UMP-45 in a current generation game on remastered maps like Afghan or a faithful recreation of Rust. Though of course we cannot confirm or deny that these guns or maps, in particular, will be making a return.

While some fans may still be annoyed that they will not be receiving the true Modern Warfare 2 experience, mixing the old with the new worked wonders in Black Ops 4 and will be sure to do so again in Modern Warfare 4 when it releases later this year.


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