Sources: Infinity Ward Won’t Include Zombies in Modern Warfare 4 (MW4)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Zombies

Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources have revealed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) will not contain a Zombies mode.

MW4 Won’t Have Zombies

The incredible success of Treyarch’s Zombies quickly enshrined the game mode as a constant across the three development teams that work on Call of Duty titles. Every Call of Duty game since the release of Advanced Warfare in 2014 has contained a Zombies mode, though not always straight away.

With five years of non-stop undead, it’s about time Call of Duty fans got a taste of something new. Gaming INTEL’s sources have claimed that Zombies will be left in their graves in the upcoming Modern Warfare 4 and will instead be replaced by something more reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3’s Survival mode.

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MW3 Survival Mode

For those of you who don’t remember Survival from 2011’s Modern Warfare 3, it functioned similarly to Zombies. The primary difference was that, in Survival, your enemies were not the Undead but instead waves of A.I. controlled soldiers. Players could also use currency to purchase air support, new weapons, and even friendly A.I. soldiers to help you fight off the increasingly challenging waves. Much like Zombies, you couldn’t exactly win in this game mode, it went on through the waves until you got taken out for good.

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Modern Warfare 4 Co-Op Mode

We are unsure of how many elements of Survival will carry over to the Co-op mode in Modern Warfare 4, but it will likely have been expanded on a great deal. The mode in Modern Warfare 3 was barebones at best, only taking place on standard multiplayer maps and featuring nothing in the way of story or Easter eggs.

Treyarch revolutionized the Call of Duty co-op experience with their Zombies mode, and now players have come to expect a level of quality and content far beyond that of Modern Warfare 3’s survival mode. Only time will tell if Modern Warfare 4’s decision to drop Zombies in search of something new was a good move.


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