Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Promotional Art Potentially Leaked – RUMOR

Call of Duty MW4 - Modern Warfare 4

UPDATE – March 15th at 10 PM GMT: This rumor has now been debunked. The creator of this used images from a 3D model artist. Here’s the original, as you can see it is the background of the “leak”.


It appears as though promotional art for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4, which Gaming INTEL previously exclusively leaked, has potentially been released online.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Promotional Art Leaked - RUMOR

You can see the alleged promo art for MW4 above. This leak should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as there are a host of things which make this seem highly dubious. Firstly, the characters within the image all appear to be the same, each holding the exact same weapon. Secondly, the ‘Call of Duty’ letters seem a little more spaced out than usual, although this could be just a slight change via Infinity Ward.

The font, however, does provide this rumor with at least some potential credibility. Despite the characters all holding the same weapon, the Vector they are wielding may actually provide this leak with a little legitimacy. While the Vector weapon wasn’t released in MW3, it confirms this image hasn’t been created with just previous in-game content.

The folds featured within the poster also indicates some authenticity, as it would be extremely hard for even a talented graphical designer to implement these.

In addition, as we’re coming into the later stages of March, this is usually the time a host of leaks begin to surface. Therefore, the timing of this rumor doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Whether this is legitimate or not, one thing which is for sure is that Infinity Ward will soon announce their next installment.

While Activision hasn’t officially announced anything, and with the ability to create almost anything from Photoshop these days, we stress that this leak must be taken with at least some skepticism. The alleged promotional material may be a hoax. Nevertheless, it’s certainly an interesting portrayal of what the next addition to the franchise could have in store.

Although Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information suggesting that Modern Warfare 4 will be coming in 2019, our sources can’t confirm nor deny the legitimacy of this leak.

What are your thoughts on this Call of Duty MW4 promo art? Do you believe this rumor has some legitimacy?


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