NEWS: Original Modern Warfare Developers Return To Infinity Ward For CoD 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 - CoD 2019 Infinity Ward

After the release of Modern Warfare 2, it is no secret that there were many problems within the Infinity Ward studio which resulted in many of the developers leaving to join Respawn Entertainment and create Titanfall, but it now seems like the band is getting back together.

Geoffrey Smith was a former designer at Infinity Ward before moving to Respawn, where he became the Lead Game Designer. He has now returned to Infinity Ward under the position of Studio Art Director.

Mark Grigsby used to be the Lead Animator at Infinity Ward Before moving on to become the Lead Animator at Respawn entertainment. He has now returned to Infinity ward under the position of Animation Director. Not only did Grigsby work as the Lead Animator on past Infinity Ward titles, he leant his voice and likeness to the character SSgt. Griggs in Modern Warfare, and sings the song “Deep and Hard” during the credits sequence.

The final member of the old Infinity Ward team to return is Joel Emslie, the former art lead at Infinity Ward, Art Director at Respawn Entertainment and finally now the new Art Director at Infinity Ward.

Alongside the returning ex-Infinity Ward developers are a whole host of other Respawn developers that worked on both Titanfall and Titanfall 2, games that were positively regarded by many.

The Call of Duty community largely regards the last two Infinity Ward titles, Infinite Warfare and Ghosts, to be pretty extreme failures, and Modern Warfare 3 before that is largely remembered as average. Perhaps the return of some old talent from the glory days of Infinity Ward will inject some much-needed life into the studio and help regain some trust from the fans.


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