Navy Seal Trains Cecilia Johnson for Modern Warfare 4

Modern Warfare 4 Actress

An Ex-Navy Seal and CIA Contractor has trained the actress and stunt woman Cecilia Johnson in close quarters combat for Modern Warfare 4.

In an interview regarding the upcoming movie, John Wick 3 the former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor Shawn Ryan reminisced about how he trained a girl named Cecilia Johnson for an upcoming Call of Duty game.

“Wound up training this girl, Cecilia Johnson I believe her name is, and she was trying out for Call of Duty… a Call of Duty game for some stunts,” he says in the video.

“Turns out I get about an hour with her, she goes back and uh… I believe she actually got the part.”

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When looking at Cecilia Johnson’s IMDB page it reveals that she has not yet played a part in any Call of Duty game, and has so far only played minor roles in movies and TV Shows.

With this in mind, it is obvious that Cecilia Johnson will be in the next Call of Duty title, which we understand to be Modern Warfare 4.

In the hour that Shawn Ryan trained Cecilia Johnson, he focused on a Room Breach, which is what the recruiters for Call of Duty had her do in her audition.

A room clear is exactly what it sounds like, where a single soldier or a group of soldiers enter a room and then clear it of any hostiles before moving through the room or securing any hostages.

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This is a scene that has played out in many Call of Duty titles, usually punctuated with slow motion caused by a flashbang or a C4 explosion, and doesn’t necessarily reveal anything about the upcoming game.

We do not yet know what role Cecilia will be playing in the new Call of Duty game, though as a stunt woman it is likely that she will provide motion capture for soldiers doing dangerous stunts in Modern Warfare 4.


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