Report: Secret Modern Warfare 4 Reveal Event Coming This Week

Modern Warfare 4 Reveal

The Call of Duty community has been driving itself into a frenzy over the past month waiting for the next installment of the game to be released, but that wait may finally be coming to an end as the Modern Warfare 4 reveal could be about to happen!

Numerous Call of Duty YouTubers and Streamers have started posting videos and tweets claiming that they will be heading out from their cities and countries to converge on Los Angeles this weekend, all for an event that may be coming this Thursday.

The first hints of this event came from the Italian YouTuber Velox, who posted a video on May 13th claiming that he would be going to Los Angeles at some point in the coming week, and that if you followed him you would probably know what he was talking about.

On the same day Dr. Disrespect revealed his weekly stream schedule, and this coming Thursday it states that he is off due to an NDA’d event. The tweet doesn’t give us any more information than that, but it does start to look a bit suspicious when paired with Velox’s video.

Tom Cassell, better known as his gamertag Syndicate, also released a video on his vlogging channel Life of Tom, in which he flew over to Los Angeles for an event that he claims will be happening on Thursday. Again, Tom doesn’t let us in on what he is flying to Los Angeles for, but the picture has started to become very clear.

Perhaps the cherry on the cake, however, is the reactions of the Call of Duty streamer and YouTuber XclusiveAce when asked by fans in his stream what he thinks of the upcoming event this Thursday, which is also when he can talk about it.

The user itsshotzzog asks “what do you think about multiple youtubers being flown out to a secret event rumoured to be mw4”, and TheXclusiveAce’s panicked reaction pretty much gives the game away.

All of this, and information from Gaming INTEL’s own exclusive sources, seems to point toward the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 reveal occurring this Thursday. Also, considering Syndicate has claimed he will be able to talk about the event this Thursday, we should expect to see the first official details of Modern Warfare 4 very soon!



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