Modern Warfare 4 Release Date | When is MW4 coming out?

Modern Warfare 4 MW4
Off Shore from MW3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4, previously leaked by exclusive Gaming INTEL sources back in May 2018, seems all but confirmed. That said, an array of different players have one big question on their minds; when is MW4 coming out? We’ve detailed our Modern Warfare 4 release date prediction below.

MW4 Release Date

The most recent Call of Duty title being Black Ops 4, this was released in October 2018. This didn’t follow the pattern of previous CoD releases, however. We’ve usually seen November as the most popular release month. We expect an extremely likely Modern Warfare 4 to be released towards the end of 2019, most likely in November.

UPDATE: Call of Duty 2019 is confirmed to be Modern Warfare and releases on October 25 for all platforms.

Ghosts 2 or MW4?

There has been some speculation as to what the next Call of Duty title will be, MW4 or Ghosts 2. With some recent revelations coming to light, various hints and Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources, everything points towards a late 2019 MW4 release date.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) Multiplayer will not have Specialists or Battle Royale

The current first-person shooter (FPS) market mainly offers games that adopt futuristic style gameplay. There seems to be a gap in the market for a return to modern times, with many fans wanting to see the return of Modern Warfare. Apex Legends was released on February 4th which includes futuristic gameplay and that has had huge success, however.

NEW INTEL: Sources: Infinity Ward Won’t Include Zombies in Modern Warfare 4 (MW4)

Previous Call of Duty Release Dates

Last six CoD releases listed below.

  • Black Ops 4 – October 12th, 2018. Notably, it was the first CoD without a campaign.
  • World War 2 – November 3rd, 2017.
  • Infinite Warfare – November 4th, 2016.
  • Black Ops 3 – November 6th, 2015.
  • Advanced Warfare – November 4th, 2014.
  • Ghosts – November 5, 2013.

When Is Modern Warfare 4 Coming Out?

It appears as though previous CoD games have usually arrived in early November. While previous releases have normally come on a Friday, we predict that the Modern Warfare 4 release date will be either on November 1st or 8th.

Additionally, it appears as though Modern Warfare 4 will be announced around mid-April to potentially early-May. While this is usually the norm for Call of Duty releases, it would make sense to see the upcoming installment drop in early November.

Until any official confirmation arises from Infinity Ward we must take predictions with a pinch of salt, however.

Other MW4 Details

Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources have also revealed some interesting revelations regarding a likely MW4. Modern Warfare 4 won’t include a zombies game mode, so we won’t be seeing anything like the famous map of ‘Kino der Toten’.

NEW INTEL: Sources: Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer Will Not Feature Specialist Characters or Battle Royale

Specialist characters also won’t be included, but most prominently, there will be no battle royale. This comes as a surprise as Black Ops 4’s biggest success was their Blackout battle royale. However, the latest addition to the franchise left behind a solo campaign mode and it has already been revealed that we’ll be seeing an extensive campaign mode later this year.

With a likey MW4 release date being early November, later this year, will you be playing on release day?


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